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Direct evaporation systems

We offer you the benefits of direct evaporation technology in all applications in which larger fresh or recirculating air flows are cooled.

This involves direct cooling of the air through the evaporating refrigerant in the cooling coil –an intermediate medium such as chilled water is not required. You benefit from significantly improved energy efficiency compared to conventional cooling systems. Additionally, investment costs for complex cold-water piping including pumps and control groups are eliminated.

Due to the compact construction and variable design, little space is required and the installation options are very flexible – direct evaporation refrigeration systems are therefore also ideal for decentralised retrofitting to existing systems.

Of course, it is also possible to connect several cooling coils in different ventilation units to a common, central direct evaporation system (combined cooling system) – naturally with independent capacity control of each cooling coil.

In addition, during project planning and execution you benefit from a turnkey delivery of the refrigeration system: besides of the cooling machine, our scope of supply also includes the cooling coils for the ventilation units as well as the necessary control and regulation technology including stepless regulation of the refrigerating capacity for maximum control accuracy.

Key facts at a glance

  • Direct cooling of the air without chilled water as intermediate medium
  • Up to 40% less energy consumption than comparable chilled water systems
  • Highest control accuracy of air temperatures and humidity in all load ranges
  • Connection of several cooling coils to one refrigeration system (combined cooling system)
  • Delivery and installation of the complete refrigeration system from one source
  • Optional heat recovery of waste heat up to 75 °C

Areas of application

The areas of application of our direct evaporation refrigeration systems include:

  • Air conditioning of fully automated painting plants
  • Warehouse cooling in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Air conditioning of shopping centres
  • Production cooling in the food industry
  • Cooling of electronics production plants



We would be happy to provide you with extensive advice and to evaluate the possibilities of use for your application.

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