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Industrial and high capacity heat pumps

Heat pumps are increasingly being focused upon as environmentally friendly
and highly efficient systems for the provision of heat energy, especially in consideration of climate change, the drive for decarbonization and constantly rising energy prices. The wide range of governmental subsidies even reinforces this development.

In industrial applications, unused waste heat from production processes can often be used as a heat source and raised to the required temperature level by means of a heat pump – in addition to dispensing with fossil fuels, there is a considerable potential for saving energy costs.

But the areas of application are much wider - heat pumps can also be an attractive alternative to conventional systems for providing heat in district heating networks, for supplying neighbourhoods (local heating networks) or for direct heating of buildings. In addition to cooling water from adjacent processes, outside air, geothermal energy as well as groundwater, surface water or wastewater can also be used as heat sources.

By using state of the art components and special refrigerants we offer you maximum energy efficiency while achieving supply temperatures of up to 95 °C – across a wide performance range.
Whether planning new projects or retrofitting heat pumps, we are happy to support you in developing a coherent concept and integrating the heat pump into your overall process - from analysing the suitable heat source to designing and integrating hydraulic and electro-technical accessories.

Key facts at a glance

  • High-temperature heat pump with supply temperatures up to 95°C
  • Realisation of maximum performance parameters
  • Use of available waste heat at different temperature levels
  • Simultaneous supply of cold and heat energy
  • Integration of hydraulic and electronic accessories
  • Consideration of mechanical and electrical customer specifications

Areas of application

The areas of application of our industrial heat pumps include:

  • Heating of dipping baths/coating tanks
  • Use of waste heat from gas mixture coolers of CHP units
  • Exhaust air heat recovery with direct evaporation technology
  • Feeding into heat grids through intelligent sector coupling

We would be happy to provide you with extensive advice and to evaluate the possibilities of use for your application.

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