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Chilled water units

Our chilled water units for the cooling of water or brine as indirect cooling medium are used for the most diverse of process cooling and air conditioning applications.

As with all of our solution, the following also applies to our chilled water units: each requirement is a new challenge we are willing to face. In accordance with your specific requirements – e.g. in terms of accuracy of control, availability, energy efficiency or the dimensions – we develop your customized cold water solution.


Key facts at a glance

  • Realisation of the highest performance figures available on the market by using speed-controlled compact screw compressors, electronic expansion valves, condensers with EC fan technology as well as speed-controlled cold-water pumps
  • Optionally equipped with a heat recovery to a temperature level of up to 70 °C for utilisation of the freely available waste heat for the heating of production processes, heating of buildings, or for water heating
  • Low-temperature chilled water units with supply temperatures of up to -40 °C for industrial processes and applications in the negative temperature range
  • Design for the longest possible life cycle through utilisation of high quality components from market-leading manufacturers as well as a robust construction
  • Excellent maintainability and serviceability due to optimal accessibility of all components

Areas of application

The areas of application of our chilled water units include:

  • Cooling of IT data centres
  • Cooling of production processes in the food industry
  • Cooling of injection moulding machines
  • Cooling and heating of process baths in surface technology
  • Low-temperature cooling of motor test stands
  • Air conditioning of ski sports halls
  • Cooling of systems for ozone generation

Additional areas of application

Each and every machine that leaves our manufacturing department has been fine-tuned in every last detail to customers’ needs. Therefore, this website can only provide you with a glimpse. We are looking forward to talking with you about your specific requirements.

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