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Direct evaporation refrigeration systems

In all applications in which larger flows of fresh or recirculated air need to be cooled, we rely on the benefits of direct evaporation technology.

Like all systems of Heck Kältetechnik, our direct evaporation refrigeration systems also fulfil the most demanding requirements. We can guarantee this due to high quality engineer work, custom manufacturing and worldwide installation.

Key facts at a glance

  • Direct cooling of the air through the refrigerant evaporating in the cooling coil – no chilled water or brine required as intermediate medium
  • Significantly lower energy consumption than comparable chilled water systems
  • Highest accuracy of control of air temperatures and humidities in all load areas due to the utilisation of infinitely variable screw compressors
  • Possibility to connect multiple ventilation units / cooling coils to a single direct evaporation refrigeration system with independent, infinitely variable output control of each cooling site possible
  • Turnkey delivery of the refrigeration systems including heat exchanger, pipes and control system

Areas of application

The areas of application of our direct evaporation refrigeration systems include:

  • Warehouse cooling in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Air conditioning of shopping centres
  • Air conditioning of fully automated painting lines in the automotive industry
  • Cooling of production halls in the food industry

Additional areas of application

Each and every machine that leaves our manufacturing department has been fine-tuned in every last detail to customers’ needs. Therefore, this website can only provide you with a glimpse. We are looking forward to talking with you about your specific requirements.

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