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Dehumidification systems

Our dehumidification systems work based on the principle of condensation drying whereat the waste heat from the dehumidification process is used to reheat the dehumidified air.

We treat each and every new dehumidification system as a new challenge. With our 40 years of experience in the technologies we are utilising, we create – jointly with you – a solution that is perfect for you.

Key facts at a glance

  • Significantly higher energy efficiency in comparison to alternative dehumidification concepts due to the integrated heat recovery
  • Residual humidities of only 1.5 g of water per kg of air and air outlet temperatures of up to 65°C by using multiple cooling and heating stages that are installed in series
  • Utilisation of excess waste heat for external heating processes via additional heat recovery systems or dissipation to the ambient air
  • Compact design (for smaller capacities) or separate setup of the refrigeration and ventilation system components (for larger volumes of air) including installation of the connecting refrigerant lines at the installation site
  • Ensuring the highest accuracy of control due to optional infinitely variable capacity control

Areas of application

The areas of application of our dehumidification systems include:

  • Intermediate drying of paint in industrial painting lines
  • Drying of surface moisture on cleaned plastic components
  • Drying of industrial adhesive
  • Drying of conveying air for hygroscopic foodstuffs
  • Air conditioning of manufacturing processes sensitive to humidity

Additional areas of application

Each and every machine that leaves our manufacturing department has been fine-tuned in every last detail to customers’ needs. Therefore, this website can only provide you with a glimpse. We are looking forward to talking with you about your specific requirements.

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