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Chiller units

Our customised chiller units for cooling water or glycol/brine as indirect cooling medium are used for the most diverse of process cooling and air conditioning applications in all performance ranges.

In accordance with your specific requirements – e.g. in terms of dimensions, noise emissions, supply temperatures, ambient conditions, operational safety /redundancy or factory specifications – we develop your individual chilled water solution.
By using speed-controlled compressors and chilled-water pumps, electronic expansion valves and efficient EC fan technology, we realise maximum performance parameters. Our refrigerants are environmentally friendly and future-safe with low GWP values (low-GWP refrigerants).

Due to our flexible system construction, we can realise designs according to your requirements – for indoor and outdoor installation, as an air-cooled version with an external condenser or as a water-cooled solution including dry cooler. Modular construction for separate insertion in difficult-access areas is also possible, e.g. for replacing existing systems. Naturally, our scope of services also includes required hydraulics equipment such as primary/secondary pumps, buffers/hydraulic separators or control valves.

Optionally, we can also integrate a free-cooling system for saving energy in winter operation or a heat recovery system for using freely available waste heat, e.g. for heating of production processes, process water or buildings.

Key facts at a glance

  • Custom system design through project-specific construction
  • Maximum energy efficiency by the use of intelligent control and drive concepts
  • Use of environmentally friendly, future-safe refrigerants with low GWP values
  • Great ease of maintenance and service including optional remote monitoring system
  • Integration of hydraulic and electronic accessories
  • Optional equipment with free-cooling or heat recovery systems
  • Consideration of mechanical and electrical customer specifications

Areas of application

The areas of application of our chiller units include:

  • Cooling of IT data centres
  • Process cooling in food production
  • Cooling of dipping baths in surface engineering
  • Cooling of injection moulding machines
  • Re-cooling of ozone generation systems


We would be happy to provide you with extensive advice and to evaluate the possibilities of use for your application.

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