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Dehumidification systems

Our air dehumidifier systems work according to the principle of condensation drying – since the waste heat from the dehumidification process is used to reheat the air, this results in significantly higher energy efficiency compared to alternative dehumidification concepts.

The project-specific design and construction is made according to your specifications, whereby residual humidities of only 1.5 g/kg and air outlet temperatures of up to 75 °C are possible. The integrated control technology ensures adherence to minimum tolerances.

Resistant heat exchangers and ventilation units in special design guarantee high operational reliability and long-term durability of the dehumidification systems – both in fresh air mode and in recirculation mode.

Due to the variable design options in compact or split construction, there are flexible installation possibilities according to the spatial conditions. Since the systems only require an electrical supply, easy integration into your overall system is also ensured (no cold water for pre-cooling or gas/hot water for air heating required).

Key facts at a glance

  • High energy efficiency through integrated heat recovery
  • Residual humidities of up to 1.5 g water per kg air
  • Adherence of highest control accuracy
  • Robust construction for fresh or recirculated air operation
  • Custom system design through project-specific construction
  • Ready-for-connection units for quick installation

Areas of application

The areas of application of our dehumidification systems include:

  • Intermediate drying in painting processes
  • Drying of surface moisture on cleaned plastic components
  • Drying of industrial adhesive
  • Dehumidification of conveying air for hygroscopic foodstuffs
  • Air conditioning of manufacturing processes sensitive to humidity
  • Solvent condensation/solvent recovery


We would be happy to provide you with extensive advice and to evaluate the possibilities of use for your application.

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